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I am currently based in New Jersey, and travel back to  Milwaukee 3/4 times a year. I don’t read or post any comments you make on site so just email or text for questions. Join my yahoo group for discussions, session reviews, extra pics and travel info. You can reach me by email or by phone. I do not accept phone calls from blocked or private numbers. Texting is The best way to first contact me. Always be polite and professional, I’m not your friend that you can just text What’s Up to and don’t be prolix or pornographic either. I do offer phone sessions. I accept donation deposits and gifts primarily through the Zelle app Cash App, Apple Pay, Venmo and Amazon gift cards where you just use my email to send. I do not engage in any form of prostitution, nudity, escort or massage. Clients in past 4/5 years having been asking for more n more hyper sexual requests. Whatever domme porn you watch know that a true, real session is NOTHING LIKE DOMME PORN!! If you have met a Dominatrix who has done these things in past, she is not a real professional dominatrix; just an escort/prostitute playing dress-up. I don’t exchange bodily fluids and your here for my amusement not your pleasure. I only see vaccinated subs with proof. If you cancel same day more than once you will be black listed in Tri-State area.

Mistress Carly Castille

For gifts to get me I have a wish-list on, use my email address to access my wish-list, My birthday is November 9th.

609-578-9925 (phone hours from 10am to 10pm)   *the best time to reach me is late afternoon and early evening

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