Sessions in 2023

I haven’t been taking many sessions past two years due pandemic and some physical injuries on hands that are know healed. I’d definitely feeling that itch to get back to playing! I’m still in NJ and prefer vaccinated subs but it’s not a dealbreaker if your healthy.

Texting best way to reach me at first. For some reason 2 out of 3 NJ subs have either booked and not showed or canceled last minute or same day (even my regulars!!) 4 this week alone!! Never happens in other states. So unfortunately due to this most clients will have to send small deposit to go toward session donation, minus trusted regulars.

I have been having fun with texting sessions,some mini phone sessions and exchanging pics. IF YOU WASTE MY TIME ASKING BUNCH OF OBTUSE QUESTIONS just for attention, book sessions and no show/cancel last min there will be consequences!!! Be polite and don’t ask ignorant questions that you could easily look up on your own!


I still plan on going back to Milwaukee in spring!!!

*I never publish or look at sub’s posts on this site-they go straight to trash. Text is best way to initiate contact. I play in central NJ 609-578-9925.